Sommelier Andrei Popa

About me

I’m a foodie and a wine aficionado. These two passions led me to become a sommelier – the man who knows best how to pair food with wine.

As a sommelier, I get the most satisfaction when I help customers discover new wines, learn their story and learn how to enjoy them. And, at the end of the meal, seeing them have that revelation where they discover that the paired wine enhanced the flavours and textures of the dish, and that they experienced those subtle aromas that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. When the customer writes down the name of the wine they’ve drunk and asks me for a few recommendations for home, I know I’ve done my job well.

That’s why I started the Dor De Vin project.

Through Dor De Vin, I want to give you the joy of discovering new Romanian wines, without spending hours in supermarkets, specialty stores or online, overwhelmed by the volume of products and brands, and without choosing again and again the same few wines you already know.

Discovery is part of the experience, and if that part overwhelms you, you won’t be motivated to find new wines that can turn your world upside down.
For the most part, the wines on Dor de Vin you won’t find in the corner shop or supermarket. They are wines tasted and carefully chosen in my day-to-day work.
Here you’ll discover the perfect wines for a family or romantic dinner, a weekend evening and Netflix, dinner after a long day at work, a barbecue party or a summer picnic.

I like to be adventurous when choosing wine, and I encourage you to do it too.
I love to enjoy great wines from wineries with tradition, but I have a special passion for rummaging through the nooks and crannies of our country to discover unique wines from smaller, lesser-known wineries that produce flavorful liqueurs that offer experiences worth discovering.
But Dor de Vin is not just a place to buy your wine. Here, you’ll learn how to savour it, what its story is, what flavours make it up and how it came to have those notes that connoisseurs talk about so pretentiously.

I’d love to help you learn more about Romanian wines and wines in general. So if you have any questions, drop me a message on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin and I’ll get back to you promptly. In the meantime, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy some blog posts.

Go on, good luck!